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Whoever Has Ears - Myopia

October 5, 2021

Do you have "Spiritual Myopia"? Is eternity out of focus? Are you only able to focus on your life on earth? Do you ever think about how this life might be a process of preparation for the rest of eternity?

The churches in Ephesus & Smyrna struggled in areas that could be characterized by their lack of focusing of what is REALLY important. It is important to find a balance of living "in this moment" while living "for eternity." If we live "for this moment" we can get many of our priorities confused and find ourselves in a cycle of frustration, aimlessness, and hopelessness. God gives us His lenses to help fix our "Spiritual Nearsightedness"'s up to us if we want to accept His help and live the life He created us to live, for eternity.

In the book of Revelation (chapters 2 & 3), John shares Jesus' words of encouragement and challenge to 7 churches. In this mini-series, "Whoever Has Ears...", we are learning about what Jesus saw in these 7 churches and how his encouragement and challenge applies to us today.

Some suggest that the challenges facing these 7 churches show the chronological development of Church history and the regression of the faith, devotion, and commitment of the Christian Church over time. One could make an argument that the regression of the faith, devotion, and commitment of the Christian Church is simply a reflection of that same regression of the individual/collective members of the church family.

As we learn from these 7 churches, an important (& very difficult) thing for us as believers to do is to ask ourselves how many of these boxes (stages of faith regression) can I check, for myself, in my life of faith?

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