Merging Lives…


November 11, 2019

A beautiful lake filled with life and surrounded by life and beauty can only remain that way if it has a constant in-flow and a constant out-flow. That inward and outward movement of water keeps the water in the lake healthy and filled with life. If, for some reason, there is no out-flow of water from a lake, the water becomes stagnant. That body of water slowly becomes putrid and smelly because the lack of in-flow & out-flow causes unhealthy algae and bacteria to grow. That unhealth leads to death of the beauty in and around.

It is much the same with our lives. In order to live the healthy, beautiful lives God intends for us to live, we must have a constant in-flow & out-flow of the "living water" that only God provides.

The 4th message in our "The Book of James - Genuine Faith" series...

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