Merging Lives…
Eternity is Greater.

Eternity is Greater.

June 21, 2021

Paul closes out his letter to the church in Corinth with the reminder of why we are called to "Fly in Formation"...why we are to come together in unity.

It is because eternity is greater than anything we can ask, hope, or imagine. There is something greater waiting for us all!

As the church we need to come together to help those who do not know or understand that there is something far greater than this life has to offer!

If we, as the church, cannot or do not unite...If we, as followers of Christ, do not live differently (with eternity in mind)...many will remain lost and suffer "the second death" after their first death. We cannot let that happen!

Flying in Formation

Flying in Formation

June 13, 2021

In beginning to close his letter to the church in Corinth, Paul reminds us all what worship is all about...

 Worship is all about God and honoring Him.

  All we do in worship is for the sake of ALL (not just my own needs/desires)

   We all have a role to play and a gift to bring to worship.

    God gives gifts to prepare all members to contribute to the growth of the whole body of the church.

We are stronger TOGETHER than we can ever be apart!

God’s Promise

God’s Promise

June 6, 2021

Prior to this message we had a great celebration of baptism within our church family.

Baptism is a sign and a seal of God's in today's message we are reminded that our identity is in Christ alone. All people are God's people and He chooses us, dearly loves us, and wants for us to live with Him both now and forevermore.

What we DO flows out of WHO WE ARE (& WHOSE we are)! Our "being" and "doing" cannot be separated. So let's live as who we are...chosen, holy, & dearly loved by the Creator of all things - the One who IS love!

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