Merging Lives…
HOW to Study…

HOW to Study…

October 7, 2020

This week we learned about the importance of changing the way our mind functions for the sake of living the greatest life that we have been created to live.

   Living the greatest life possible begins with renewing our mind.

      So, HOW do we renew our mind?

         We renew our mind by studying God's Word.

On Sunday we learned WHAT study is (& what it isn't).

   We learned WHY we would ever want to study God's Word.

      We did not, however, get into HOW we study.

This gives us some "nuts & bolts" of HOW we can study in a way that will re-wire our brains, helping them to function differently (to "change our minds") so that we can begin to enter into the greatest life possible.

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

October 4, 2020

Do you find yourself in a cycle of destructive habits of thought?

You can replace those old, destructive habits of thought with new, life-giving habits.

Our human mind will always take on the shape of that which we concentrate on, focus on, think about.

It is not that hard to "Change Your Mind" from destructive to life-giving!

Continuing our series, "Live the Greatest Life Possible", we talk about the process that is central to the renewing of our mind so that we can respond to life in a more healthy and appropriate way.

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